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I'm a Real Fan Girl


"I'm a Real Fan Girl"
to the tune of "I'm Not That Girl" from Wicked
By Mushs Goil

Mush, Spot
Blink, Race
I see them walking,
I start to chase.
My heart leaps
in a giddy whirl
They are my newsboys
and I'm a real fan girl.
"Double Down,"
"Neva Fear,"
What they say
I love to hear
The give me tears
and they give me joy,
They are my newsboys
and I'm a real fan girl.
Everytime I watch them
I always squeal
over they're talent, and jokes, and grins,
and even when they flip and dance and sing
and on ceiling fans do a spin.
They always smile
They always win
and I love them
through thick and thin
They have my heart
and they make it whirl
They are my newsboys
I'm a real fan girl
Skittery, Jack
Dave and Les
Whatever they might ask me,
I'd say "yes!"
I love them all,
and they're spins and they're twirls
Everyone I know
Loves them so
I'm a real fan girl.

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