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There's A Lot of Us, and We Ain't Goin' Away


"There's alot of us, and we ain't going away"
to the tune of "The World Will Know" from Newsies
By Antranig

I've heard people say this movie's stupid!
Is it stupid?
Lots of people think it's really cheesy.
Is it cheesy?
Even though I've never sold a paper,
I'm a newsie just by sayin' so.
And the world will know!
No one in my class has heard of "Newsies"!
Can we help them?
Many people haven't ever seen it.
Can we show them?
We'll do what we gotta do to make them show us the respect they ought to show,
And the world will know
Everything they should.
Is it wrong to idolize a movie that's this good?
It was called a flop,
And that's such a crime.
Now the world will see what they've been missing all this time.
I can guarantee
That we will not rest
'Til we make them see which movie's best.
If anybody ever disses "Newsies",
Will we soak 'em?
What if they don't feel like watching "Newsies"?
Will we make 'em?
If the movie's always been this awesome,
Why the hell were profits ever low?
And the world will know,
That in '91,
No one knew it yet, but something special had begun.
When they wrote the script,
Which we know by heart,
They were unaware of all the cults that it would start.
As they started work,
They had no idea,
That in 15 years,
We'd be moved to tears,
And the world will...
Movies that I once adored suddenly seem lame.
(Movies that I once adored suddenly seem...)
Since I first saw "Newsies", I have never been the same.
(Since I first saw "Newsies", I have never been the same)
And the world will know
How much worth it's got.
And the world will see that Michael Goorjian's really hot.
And the world will see
What we have in store,
And regret their never having noticed it before.
It's been 15 years,
So we'll face our fears,
And we'll show the world
(And the winds will blow)
And our ranks will grow
(And grow and grow)
And so the world will feel the fire and finally know!

Try bottle alley or da harbor!