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What's your name?: Roxy

How old are you?: 12

How long have you been a Newsies freak?: only about 1 year

How did you discover Newsies?: My friend Heather got me to watch it and I fell in love instantly!

Who's your favorite Newsie?: SPOT!!!! I love him. I love him well 1 because he is HOT 2. because he is supposed to be this big tough guy and he is just so funny pretending to be all tough. He is just so hot and is a sweetie.

Who's your least favorite Newsie?: Um... I don't really have a lease fave. Newsies. But I do Hate Sarah. Does that count?  There are about 500 reasons why I dont feel like listing them.

Who's your favorite friend of the Newsies?: um.. Medda only because she cares about Racetrack

Who's your least favorite friend of the Newsies?: Denton. He just watches while the newsies are being beat up and watches crutchy being taken off by the delancy Brudders

Who's your favorite Newsie?: Um. I guess Oscar and Morres

Who's your least favorite enemy?: Pulitzer

Who's the most overrated Newsie?: Spot

Who's the most underrated Newsie?: Kid Blink

Have you ever met a Newsie? I want details!: I wish my heart off!!!

Do you know what Blood Drips is?: yes!

Have you ever seen Blood Drips? : no my stupid mom says Im too young

What's your favorite song from Newsies?: I heart KONY and OaFA

What's your least favorite song?: I ain't got a least

What's your favorite scene from Newsies?: "Well if it ain't Jack-be-nimble, Jack-be-quick."

What's your least favorite scene?: All of Pulitzers Except when Jack and Davey are there

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