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Newsies Freak


"Newsies Freak"
to the tune of "Mountain Town" from South Park
By Antranig

                         You might think I'm quiet and shy
'Cause that's what my looks would imply.
But you'll find if you look
That although I seem meek,
I'm a total mega super hyper crazy
Newsies Freak.
My eyes are shining and my grin is wide,
My face is beaming with Newsies pride,
In this robot world,
I am happy knowing I'm unique.
Though the other kids may think that I'm a dork,
There's much to see in New York--
At least there is for a super duper
Ultra Newsies Freak.
Oh, what a strange and quirky child,
She may look sweet, but she' crazy and wild.
She' happy with the fact that she' a total geek.
What a weirdo, when she stares off into space,
With a dreamy look on her face.
No doubt she's really some kind of nerdy
Newsies Freak.
As I carry the banner at school all day,
My mind is somewhere far away.
That's how I escape from this world so cold and bleak.
I go deep inside my mind,
And leave my worries behind,
And think about newsies,
'Cause I'm a crazy
Newsies Freak.
She's just a sort of normal girl,
With a small sarcastic streak,
She appears as gentle as a lamb,
But don't be fooled by this clever scam!
She's a crazy lunatic psycho maniacal
Whacko Newsies Freak!
I'm a Newsie nut job through and through,
And it's been real nice talking to you
Now I;m off to watch "Newsies" for the fifty-fourth time this week!
You may simply write it off as some weird fad,
And that's just really too bad. (That's too bad.)
'Cause I'm proud to be a
Newsies Freak!

Try bottle alley or da harbor!