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What's your name?: Allie

How old are you?: 15

How long have you been a Newsies fan?: 5 months

How did you discover Newsies?: my drama teacher showed it to our class

Who's your favorite Newsie?: Mush...he has a good voice, he is extremely talented with his flips and stuff...and he is hot!

Whos your least favorite Newsie?: David, idk why, he is just annoying!

Who's your favorite friend of the Newsies?: Medda, because I hate Sarah and Denton

Who's your least favorite friend of the Newsies?: Sarah...and doesn't everyone hate her?

Who's your favorite enemy?: Oscar, i'm no sure why, but i really like him.

Who's your least favorite Newsie?: Snyder, who would steal food from poor orphans?

Who's the most overrated Newsie?: Jack

Who's the most underrated Newsie?: Skittery

Have you ever met a Newsie? I want details!: No*tear, tear*

Do you know what Blood Drips is?: yes

Have you ever seen Blood Drips?: yes

If yes, did you love it?: yes

What's your favorite song from Newsies?: Oh, tough, KONY, CTB or STD
What's your least favorite song?: My Lovey Dovey Baby

What's your favorite scene?: Probably CTB

What's your least favorite scene?: all the scenes with pulitzer

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