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What's your name?: Hannah/Roll

How old are you?: 13

How long have you been a Newsies fan?: about a year

How did you discover Newsies?: my aunt was a newsies freak, then i became one from her

Who's your favorite Newsie?: bumlets, because he is gourgous, tallented, and i just love him

Who's your least favorite Newsie?: jack, idk y he just getts on my last nerve

Who's your favorite friend of the Newsies?: sarah, she my B.F.F.E

Who's your least favorite friend of the Newsies?: Krista, i have to like soak her on a daily  basis because she disses the newsies

Who's your favorite enemy?: pulitzer

Who's your least favorite enemy?: moris

Who's the most overrated Newsie?: jack

Who's the most underrated Newsie?: crutchy

Have you ever met a Newsie? I want details!: nope

Do you know what Blood Drips is?: yep totally

Have you seen Blood Drips?: no, im gonna buy  it soon though

What's your favorite song from Newsies?: carryin the banner

What's your least favorite song?: Santa Fe

What's your favorite scene?: when bumlets spinns on the fan

What's your least favorite scene?: i dont have one

Try bottle alley or da harbor!