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What's your name?: Lucks

How old are you?: 14 going on 4

How long have you been a newsies fan?: Since Christmas 2005

How did you discover Newsies?: Well, first my aunt made me watch it when I was a fifth grader, almost a sixth grader. I didn't like it. Yes, I'm guilty of
actually not liking Newsies... but I did like Christian Bale! Well, my aunt
didn't have it, so we bought for her for Christmas 2005, I watched it, I
fell in love (with everyone, not just Christian! lol) and the rest is

Who's your favorite Newsie?: Racetrack, I love his sarcasm and stuff. He's also smexy... and I love his cheekbones!

Who's your least favorite Newsie?: Snoddy, he just really bugs me.

Who's your favorite friend of the Newsies?: Medda! Ha, sorry ladies and gents. I like Medda. She stuck up for Racetrack!

Who's your least favorite friend of the Newsies?: Sarah... nuff said.

Who's your favorite enemy?: Favorite enemy... hm... *ponders* Pro'lly Seitz, cuz he's not really an enemy, you know?

Who's your least favorite enemy?: Pulitzer. Gawd I just wanna poke him!

Who's the most overrated Newsie?: Spot Conlon (even though I love him!)

Who's the most underrated Newsie?: Swifty! Nobody ever talks about Swifty!... or Itey! They're tied. It makes me sad.

Have you ever met a Newsie? I want details!: No, tragically. But I did have a dream the other night where I met Max Casella. But he was like... two inches shorter than me so I started crying! Ha! Luckily, in real life, I'm like two inches shorter than him! (or so it says on IMDb) so yay!

Do you know what Blood Drips is?: Heck yes!

Have you ever seen Blood Drips?: HECK YES!

If yes, did you love it?: HECK YES! WHOO!

What's your favorite song from Newsies?: King of New York (I did it for my Talent Show! It was awesome!)

What's your least favorite song?: Least favorite song? *gives a blank look* Are you kidding?

What's your favorite scene : Any musical number... any Spot Conlon part... and any other part with really good lines. Cept I always watch the part where Davey says "Racetrack watch him." cuz it makes me giggle for some reason. OH! And the part where Sarah says "Les, what is this?" Cuz I always want Les to say "It's a hot dog, stupid." *cackles*

What's your least favorite scene?: Anything with Sarah or Pulizter. Cuz they suck arse.

Try bottle alley or da harbor!