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The Question is in BOLD and the answer is in normal font.

What's your name?: Laces

How old are you?: 15

How long have you been a Newsie fan?: a year..

How did you discover Newsies?: well i wanna say thank u to aaron lohr cuz if he hadnt been in mighty ducks i wouldnt now newsies..and i love technology!!!

Who's your favorite Newsie? Why? Kid blink!!! well the real question is why would i not love him??

Who's you least favorite Newsie? Why?: Les...cuz hes too young for me!!!

Who's your favorite friend of the Newsies?: Denton...cuz he pays for their lunch :)

Who's your least favorite friend of the Newsies?: Medda...cuz on every pic dat she has she always scares me

Who's your favorite enemy? Weasel....cuz he makes the newsies eats their papes after,(right??)

Who's your least favorite enemy?: Pulitzer...cuz he annoys me...

Who's the most overrated Newsie?: Kid BLINK!!

Who's the most underrated Newsies?: Daivid..(i think)

Have you ever met a Newsie? I want details!: nope but i have talked to a newsie actor!!! does it counts??

Do you know what Blood Drips is?: yes of not dumb..

Have you ever seen Blood Drips?: YES YES YES!!!

If yes, do you love it?: YES!!!!

What's your favorite song from Newsies? king of new york and carryitng the banner..

What's your least favorite song?: once and for all..

What's your favorite scene?: everything that blink is in it..

What's your least favorite scene?: everything that Pulitzer is in it..

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