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To the tune of "My Heart Will Go On"
By Racetrack's Goil

Every day in my papes,
I see Jack, I read words,
That is how I know Pulitzer's wrong.
Far across New York and across Brooklyn Bridge,
Every pape shows that Pul'tzer's wrong.

Near, far, where ever you are,
Everyone loves Spot to death!
Once more we're thrown out Pulitzer's door,
And you're here in the Refuge,
And Crutchy brings a potato.

Da bulls will catch us one time, heck dey'll do it fer a lifetime,
And never give up till we're gone.
Fun was when I smacked Wease,
I beat Wease, I soaked him!
Then I got caught by Snyder.


You're here, it's Snyder I fear,
Although I love Crutchy as well.
I'll stay forever this way,
So long Davey don't kiss me!
Cause I know that Pulitzer's wrong.

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